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Students from 11 years old to 16 years old can come to Telford to spend an academic term or an academic year studying in a British school and living with a British family. Some families prefer to send their children for an academic term as it allows the student to have a longer period of time studying in a school.

The International students buy the school uniform of the British school they will attend and they normally spend the Autumn Term from September to December in Telford, a period of 15 weeks. They enter into the year group that corresponds with their age and they are treated exactly the same as the English students and have to do all their homework in all subjects and sit tests and examinations. At the end of the academic term the student receives a report from the British school for them to take back to their school in their country. The benefits of this programme are that it allows the student to become part of the English family and to make good friends in the school and to really improve their speaking, listening and written skills over a 15-week period. The student has all their meals with their family and takes a packed lunch each day to school.

They will also go on 4 trips during their 15 weeks in Telford to visit different places.

This programme can also be extended to a complete full academic year in Telford, studying for 1 year in the English school and living with the family for 1 year.

TSE can also organise 1 Academic year in either a state Secondary Boarding or a Private Secondary Boarding school.They would start the programme in September and finish in July and fly to their home during the English school holidays.

International students would have to subscribe/confirm by the month of April to TSE, if they want to do an academic term or year in Telford that would start in the September. 

Come and join us!

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