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Students aged from 10 years to 17 years old can join a Summer Intensive English Host Family Programme in Telford for 2/3/4/5 weeks, arriving the 3rd week of July and departing at the end of August.

This programme allows the student to immerse themselves into English life with one of our families that have children of a similar age to the student.

As the English schools will have finished for their summer holidays the  student can come to Telford and live with one of our families. 
The host families are carefully selected for this type of programme and we have all the information about each family and their children including sports and hobbies that they enjoy, so we can place a student with an English family that has children that enjoy the same interests. 
There are no formal English classes/schools with this programme as the emphasis is on the student inter-grating with the family, by living and spending the complete time together. The student may go on holiday within the United Kingdom with their family, or they may spend each day with the children of the family participating in English play/summer camps. 

All the information about each host family will be given to the student before they arrive to Telford so they will know exactly what they will be doing with their family in Telford. The benefits of these programmes are to place a student in a complete English environment, so they have to listen and speak English all the time with English children and practise the same hobbies and sports. This programme will see both the level of spoken and listening English skills improved. 
At the weekends TSE will organise some local trips with other International students, in order for the students to visit some different places and to meet up once a week during their stay.
International students would have to subscribe/confirm to join our 2/3/4 or 5-week summer intensive English Host Family programme by the end of April, as we have very limited places for these programmes.Early reservation reserves your summer place with one of our Host families.

Come and join us!

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